Developing a Content Marketing Plan for Accident Claims Lawyers

As part of my commitment to you, the reader, I have previously mentioned in my about page that I would post up innovative marketing strategies that are happening in the world of law. Personal injury and accident claims are amongst the most competitive niches within the legal industry, and so it comes as no surprise really that these are the guys that truly push the envelope when it comes to new ideas.

Content marketing for lawyers is something that I have been advocating for over 5 years now, but you would be surprised at how slow on the uptake some legal firms are with it. That’s no real shocker, considering that most law firms won’t have the time or skills to do so.

Content Marketing tips for lawyers

Content Marketing tips for lawyers

However, you can take quite a simplistic approach if you wish, and the YouTube website is a veritable hive of information that you can quickly access.

This video contains some advice on how accident claims companies can use content marketing in order to drive them more clients online, and most of the stuff discussed takes no time at all really. A bit like writing this blog post to be honest!

Go take a look, and if you like what they have to say then leave some comments on the YouTube video page as I always recommend if you find something useful then you should give something back – even if it’s just a nice comment.

Here’s that video in full below.

What The Author Says

Content marketing is critical to today’s law firms. In this video our Marketing Director tells the Editor in Chief of about the 2 important areas of content that personal injury lawyers and solicitors need to consider.

The video also shares how lawyers can continuously come up with fresh content as well as some tips to keep content topics organized so it’s easy to sit down and write good information easily.


Accident claims and injury lawyers have an opportunity to provide an incredible amount of good information for potential clients – but they need to look ‘outside the box’ and write about various topics that relate to the main issues they assist clients with.

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