How a UK Accident Claims Advice Website Generates Online Leads

As you will know from previous blog piece, I am really interested in how lawyers and solicitors generate new business for themselves using online and digital media.  In the past I’ve published my own views on recommend legal software, interviewed solicitors, and talked about how lawyers can use social media.

One thing I’ve never really touched on though is how legal firms can create highly targeted and niche specific websites on a local level to target new business.  The Accident Claims Web is a great online example of how one firm is currently doing this, and I’ve got some observations of my own, plus some fantastic insight from their online marketing manager for additional clues to this strategy!

If you visit their website (click to claim accident) you will see how they’ve structured the pages using something called silo web architecture, with all pages neatly addressed different types of keyword searches that users who need an accident claims lawyer in the UK would be searching for.

How They Do It

For example, rather than trying to address all types of accident claims and personal injury terms on the homepage, it’s only optimised with written content for keywords such as:

They then look to target other relevant searches on different pages.

So we know that people looking for an accident claims advice company will also probably want one who can work on a no win no fee basis for them.  In fact, no win no fee solicitors is one of the highest types of search terms that people look for when seeking accident claims advice in the United Kingdom (did you know that you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find these by the way?).

They have new pages, for new subjects – works very well.

The homepage for the Accident Claims Web website.

The homepage for the Accident Claims Web website.

Because of that, they have a page 100% dedicated to their no win no fee process. You can see that by visiting the webpage that talks about no win no fee solicitors.

(Want to know what no win no fee means? Click here)

In terms of design, they’ve also really thought about how a website visitor will convert.  It’s no use getting a potential client to your website if they are not going to pick up the phone, so they have really tried to make sure that the most essential information is above the fold.  In other words when a visitor hits the site, do they see the phone number?  Is it obvious what they need to do in terms of contacting the company in order to make an accident claim?

Quick Short Interview Quote

I think they’ve really addressed this well with the new website and I took a quick five minutes to get some information from their web manager about how this all came about – his comments are below.

“When building the Accident Claims Web home page we really wanted to make it a separate entity from our branded company website, and instead try and really laser-target local residents and workers who needed accident claims advice in all areas of the UK.  That really helped us in creating the site architecture, it helped to dictate the content, and allowed us to get a lot more in-depth than we usually would with our corporate website.  Hopefully that comes across when people visit our new website – we’ve already started to get some results in from it so I think we’ve done something right!”

I tend to agree! In the coming months I will be featuring more interviews with other legal firms and solicitors through the UK, and talking to them about how they are using the Internet to generate more online business.  Coming next week is new interview with a company that work exclusively in the clinical and medical negligence field – an industry that it quite a hard one to master.

If you would like to use this company then you can visit them in London on:

The Accident Claims Web,
Liberty House,
222 Regent Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Telephone: 020 3131 2268

If you run a legal firm, are a solicitor, or lawyer, and would like to be featured on the Dust Inc website than please get in touch with me so that we can talk and potentially arrange an interview with you.  I am very interested to hear from those working in personal injury and accident claims as these are my main specialist subjects in law and the ones that I am hoping to practice in.


When You Should Hire an Accident Claims Lawyer

The decision to hire an accident claims lawyer after an accident can be daunting. Accident claims lawyers specialize in representing people who feel that their injury justifies compensation from another party; personal injury lawyers are most often used in cases involving car accidents, but they can be hired for other situations such as workplace injuries, injuries caused by negligence in a place of business, and so on.

Please note: I also wrote a recent article about the challenges facing personal injury lawyers.

But when should you hire an accident claims lawyer? To find the answer, let’s take a closer look at the most common circumstances which will be benefited from hiring an accident claims lawyer.

The injuries you have sustained are serious and/or may cause long-term consequences

You shouldn’t seek out an accident claims injury lawyer for minor injuries, such as minor bruises, scrapes or cuts—namely because any compensation you might receive would come nowhere near the cost of hiring a lawyer to handle your cast.

However, serious injuries and injuries which may cause long term consequences for you down the road are grounds for higher compensation due to the extent of your injuries. For example, if the injuries you sustained in an accident will prevent you from working, you should be entitled to higher compensation to cover the money lost from your injury. In this type of case, an accident claims professional lawyer who specializes in compensation for such injuries should be consulted and hired. This is doubly true if you are dealing with insurance companies, who have entire legal teams dedicated to avoiding compensation people for damages. An accident claims lawyer can help ensure that you are not pushed around by a company’s legal team and that you receive fair and adequate compensation for your medical costs or other expenses associated with your injury.

You feel that you are being pushed into settling quickly to avoid full compensation

Sometimes, insurance companies or other companies (such as a place of business whose negligence caused your injury) will pressure people to settle quickly in order to make sure that they don’t try to seek fair (in other words, costly) compensation. If you hire a lawyer, however, the lawyer can advise you on whether or not the ‘quick settlement’ you are being offered are legit or a tactic meant to keep you from proper compensation.

If there is any dispute regarding who is at fault for the injury

While some companies or other parties may be willing to accept responsibility for an injury caused by their negligence, there are times when there will be a dispute over who is actually responsible for the injury. A common example occurs when two (or more) people who are in a car accident and place the blame of the accident on everyone but themselves.

An accident claims lawyer can help with the complex mediation process and can represent the case to the best of their professional ability, using their knowledge and experience of these dispute cases to make sure you receive a fair ruling.


Happy New Year from Me and the Family – With Some News!

So it’s been a while since I updated the Dust Inc blog with new information and there’s a bit of a reason for that… just before Christmas we found out that my wife was pregnant with our third child.  This wasn’t entirely expected to be honest, but was still quite a shock especially considering my plans for work across this year with her getting back onto the job ladder after all of my study.

It looks like my wife might have to place some of the plans on hold in becoming a personal injury solicitor, but I’ve agreed with her that we aren’t going to let this get in the way of her career aspirations.

I’ve seen lots of women in similar situations to me thinking that pregnancy should mean they have to drop everything – and to be honest sometimes it’s employers who can put this types of barriers in the way. I am determined that won’t be the case with my wife though… so watch this space is all I can say right now!

Meanwhile, happy new year to all of my friends and I hope to add some more blog posts over the coming weeks and months – if you want to read what I’ve recently been up to then this last post on legal software is proving quite popular as well as this one about general online marketing in the law industry.


Developing a Content Marketing Plan for Accident Claims Lawyers

As part of my commitment to you, the reader, I have previously mentioned in my about page that I would post up innovative marketing strategies that are happening in the world of law. Personal injury and accident claims are amongst the most competitive niches within the legal industry, and so it comes as no surprise really that these are the guys that truly push the envelope when it comes to new ideas.

Content marketing for lawyers is something that I have been advocating for over 5 years now, but you would be surprised at how slow on the uptake some legal firms are with it. That’s no real shocker, considering that most law firms won’t have the time or skills to do so.

Content Marketing tips for lawyers

Content Marketing tips for lawyers

However, you can take quite a simplistic approach if you wish, and the YouTube website is a veritable hive of information that you can quickly access.

This video contains some advice on how accident claims companies can use content marketing in order to drive them more clients online, and most of the stuff discussed takes no time at all really. A bit like writing this blog post to be honest!

Go take a look, and if you like what they have to say then leave some comments on the YouTube video page as I always recommend if you find something useful then you should give something back – even if it’s just a nice comment.

Here’s that video in full below.

What The Author Says

Content marketing is critical to today’s law firms. In this video our Marketing Director tells the Editor in Chief of about the 2 important areas of content that personal injury lawyers and solicitors need to consider.

The video also shares how lawyers can continuously come up with fresh content as well as some tips to keep content topics organized so it’s easy to sit down and write good information easily.


Accident claims and injury lawyers have an opportunity to provide an incredible amount of good information for potential clients – but they need to look ‘outside the box’ and write about various topics that relate to the main issues they assist clients with.

For more articles and videos with Tanner, visit


These Accident Claim Lawyers Really Do Cast the Net Wide

I recently blogged about how I would feature videos from personal injury lawyers or accident claims companies. You can see a recent one here. Whilst on YouTube though I stumbled across these guys who seem to have a marketing video for every conceivalbe personal injury claim – including swimming pool accidents! Very niche, and I wonder if it actually results in clients for them? I would be interested to know…